How To Play Matka Online

What is Satta Matka ?

Satta Matka is an india card gambling game which has originated in the mid 19th century. Kalyan JI Bhagat is the brain child behind the game. In this game, There are multiple lottery houses owned by individual entities that release results at specified timings. Some of the famous lottery houses that are involved in the satta matka game are KALYAN MATKA, MUMBAI MATKA, TARA MATKA, MILAN MATKA and RAJDHANI MATKA.

Some of the bazars like Tara mumbai, milan and rajdhani bazars declare results during the day and during the night. The day markets are postfixed with day and the night markets are postfixed with night. Each market or lottery house releases the result in an open and close format. The open and close timings of a specific satta matka bazar are different from each other. Open and close results are of the following format :

{singledigit}{singledigit}{singledigit} * {singledigit}

combining the open and close result of a specific market can yield to the following result as an overall result:

{singledigit}{singledigit}{singledigit} * {singledigit}{singledigit} * {singledigit}{singledigit}{singledigit}

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How To Play Matka Online!

Satta Matka Play is an emerging online business industry, we are the most trusted online matka play website that gives you tips and tricks to play matka online in our website To play matka online you will need to do the following step by step; given below :

  • At first, you have to deposit money to your A/C balance
  • It has a minimum deposit of Rs.500 and below 500 rs will not be accepted
  • The points will be added to your account to your respective ID. If it is 1Rs, then 1 point will be added to your account
  • The minimum amount is to be Rs.10
  • The game you played and lucky you get increased the points accordingly
  • If you wish money in your account, call the authority to transfer money to your account as soon as possible
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